System Complexity

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May 12 18 June, 2005

Private Opening Reception: Thursday 12 May, 5-8 PM

Tuesday Saturday 12-6 PM

Osmo Rauhala is a driving force for the local environment and as an artist, he acts as an intermediary between nature and the art world. He finds his inspiration in his engagement in the preservation of the environment. That is how he studies the similarities/ differences between animals and their behavior and our own.

System Complexity reflects on the borderline between art and science and the artist's observations, captured and transformed into a delicate, poetic and symbolic imitation of our lives.

In System Complexity Rauhala shows three video installations in the main exhibition space as well as paintings in the office area :

•  System Complexity

As if the flock were glued together, an internal understanding made all individual birds behave as if they were controlled by a single mind.

The form of the flock is beautiful and comprehensible, yet scientifically inexplicable and chaotic.

•  Against the Wind

Human beings fight nature, while animals seem to make use of the natural phenomena. Hawks use turbulence as their playground. Millions of years of evolution have made their structure and mind masters of the air.

•  Book of Life

Once we discovered DNA we thought we would solve the secret of life. But the great question still remains: how do genes interact and influence our growth and reactions to our environment? What causes the genes to interact and why? The possibilities are infinite.